BitcoinFy Lastest News

  • Feb 25 2021
  • 11:01:34

    Support Team Latest News

    Dear members,


    I want to thank you all and I wish to announce that it's the #1 Crypto website in AdShares publishers.

    You can check our traffic here

    Anyone who will advertise through in will receive from us 35% back from their investments.

    You must send to us the proof of your investment in AdShares in our support system.

    Hurry up this offer its limited time until 1st March


    You can request your payment in AdShares (ADS) or in BTC in our platform.



  • Feb 24 2021
  • 11:52:10

    Support Team Latest News

    Dear members,



    We are happy to announce that in 4 days we will celebrate 1 month since we are online.

    During this wonderful period, we have over 32,000 members registered, over 2,000 members registering every day and we have paid our members over 0.032 BTC approx 1630$, most of the payments were paid to our investors in the Bitcoin Lending platform.

    The most beautiful thing in the Bitcoin Lending platform is that our AI is trading all the investments through Binance, Coinbase, Bittrex, and Blockchain and saving all the profits made in 24 hours in our database than is calculating the Daily income through the Bitcoin Volatility in a day.


    For example: If you invest 0.01 BTC tomorrow you will receive revenue of 1.77% from your investment this is almost 9$ a day that can be withdrawn after 24 hours.

    If our Bitcoin Lending Robot will continue to gain profit every day from the member's investments in 239 days you will get an ROI of 370,45% that means 0.04705 BTC

    So make the calculations of the profitability of our Bitcoin Lending.


    In the next 4 days, BitcoinFy will return your Bitcoin Fee after you invest in the Bitcoin Lending. Yes, you heard me right, the fees that you are paying to can invest in our platform you will be getting back.

    For example: if you invest 100$ and your paid fee will be 10$ those 10$ you will get back in your deposited Bitcoin Address.


    Remember: The Daily interest gained from Bitcoin Lending can be withdrawn every day.



  • Feb 19 2021
  • 12:58:42

    Support Team Latest News

    Dear members, investors, and advertisers,


    In the next 48 hours, any deposits in Bitcoin will receive 30% more due to the increase in transaction fees.

    Any investments in our Lending platform will receive in the next 48 hours will receive 50% more in your Lending balance to invest more in our Lending platform.

    Every investment in our Lending Platform goes directly to blockchain and helps us to increase the Bitcoin price and the daily return of your investment.

    With every percent that Bitcoin goes up in 24 hours, it increases your daily interest. The next daily interest it's 1.14% from your investment.


    The bonuses  are added manually to your balances after you complete the transaction and open a support ticket with the message "Deposit Bonus"


    With pleasure, Team

  • Feb 5 2021
  • 23:08:28

    Support Team Latest News

    Reward System Added!


    Dear users,

    BitcoinFy Team wants to announce that we have added Reward System for users that are doing OfferWalls and Surveys.

    Whenever you complete an Offerwall or a Survey you will receive a number of XP points.

    For example, you are completing a Survey of 5000 Bits then you will receive 5000 XP points in your account.

    When you accumulate the required number of XP points you can claim your reward from the Achievements



    Good luck!



  • Feb 2 2021
  • 09:31:45

    Support Team Latest News

    Dear users,


    Yesterday because Blockchain overload some transactions they could not be made, and entered our system as purchased with 0. So to prevent such events from happening, we have upgraded the system and it will not allow any transaction to be accepted if the price of Bitcoin will not be able to be displayed because the blockchain is overloaded. 


    If any issues appear to our exchange system please do not hesitate to contact us.


    With pleasure, Team.

  • Jan 31 2021
  • 11:01:25

    Support Team Latest News

    Hy everyone,


    Begin of today you can find us on Twitter.

    You can follow us here:

    On Twitter will post all the news and information about what's happening to


    You can find us on BitcoinTalk too on BitcoinTalk


    With pleasure, part of Bitcoin Capital

  • Jan 30 2021
  • 16:19:20

    Support Team Latest News

    Welcome to part of Bitcoin Capital is a lending platform, advertising solutions & trading investment company based in the United Kingdom and established in 2021. We have a team of investment professionals ranging from engineers to trade analysts & marketers who are experienced in various trading techniques. We have a comprehensible investment platform that will help our investors in making good investment decisions. Choose us as your reliable financial partner and be assured of financial stability. Our Trading Bot is using forecasting logarithmic algorithms and high-frequency trading. Bitcoinfy can quickly make a profit and conclude the most profitable transaction in the mode of constantly changing conditions of exchange trades. Our Goals are the creation and unerring application of new methods of crypto trading, as well as providing the most comfortable and safe investment conditions for our clients.

    The Bitcoinfy trading bot is designed to work comfortably with an instant response to any market swings.
    The bot is fully automated. To work, it is enough to visit the website using any device, make a deposit, and stay pleased with the increasing balance thanks to your perfect risk-free investments.

    Your digital assistant BitcoinFy is created for the volatile cryptocurrency market.

    BitcoinFy it's not only an investment platform, it's a Paid-to-Click and Offers platform too for users who do not want to earn cryptocurrency through passive mode.

    On BitcoinFy you have the option to choose between Advertiser, Paid-to-Click Earner, Surveyee, Investor, or all of them.

    Why choose us?

    BitcoinFy Usability

    For an exceptional level of convenience, BitcoinFy is available on any device. Just visit the website and pass the login procedure to get access to your personal account.

    Highly Secured

    Our site is within a dedicated and DDoS-protected server to make sure it loads fast, we always stay online and your data is safe with us.
    BitcoinFy has an internal protocol that detects even the smallest IP change, where the mission of our internal protocol is to inform the user through an email address that his current IP address has changed.

    Reliable Platform

    We are strong supporters of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology and hope to contribute as much as possible to keep the community alive and growing. Our mission is to make BitcoinFy the biggest investment and earning platform on the market.

    Fast Withdraw

    We believe in fast payments so that our clients enjoy payouts without any unnecessary waiting time. Our payouts are also 7 days a week not only on weekends. The minimum payout as a Basic member is only 5000 Satoshis.

    24x7 Support

    We provide 24x7 monitoring and client support services to all our clients. You may contact us anytime directly at [email protected] and we will reply to you ASAP.

    Reliable Sponsors

    Bitcoin Capital is sponsored by Coinbase, Poloniex, Bittrex, and Binance, and sustained by Blockchain for all internal transaction between BitcoinFy and our users.

    SignUp Bonus

    Upon SignUp you can redeem 1000 Satoshis as SignUp Bonus.